Turnkey IT – Is it right for you?

by Rob McPhee on March 24, 2015

There are typically two types of client needs we deal with at

The first is TURNKEY (That’s turn-key not turkey), and the second is AUGMENTED IT

TURNKEY clients are finding that IT needs have grown to include desktops, servers, internet, websites, databases, security, social media, mobility, remote access, data, legal compliance, etc. Many small and medium sized businesses don’t have the resources to deal with all these wide ranging things.

Businesses in this position really have 3 choices.
1. Hire IT staff.
2. Manage multiple vendors
3. Outsource the management

Each choice has some pros and cons.

If you are hiring and your firm isn’t IT saavy, you will need someone to help you with the recruitment process. This is to ensure you get a candidate with the right skill set. Also, internal IT staff typically have a specialized skill set such as networking, or web development so you won’t solve all your problems by hiring one person.

The approach of managing multiple vendors brings advantages and also issues for businesses. Different vendors can bring solutions that don’t integrate well with other vendor solutions. This sometimes leads to finger pointing and your business doesn’t get the problems resolved.

Outsourcing the management of your IT can give you access to wider skill sets on an a-la-carte basis. You pay only for the type of service that you need, when you need it.

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Rob McPheeTurnkey IT – Is it right for you?