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IT Security Needs To Be Part of Your Organizational Culture

by Rob McPhee on March 16, 2015

IT SECURITY is an area of neglect I often see when assessing a new client’s IT environment.  As the discussion with new clients unfold, I typically find out that they had no sense of their IT SECURITY status. Additionally, IT SECURITY is often thought of as a low priority issue.

Based on discussions I’ve had with clients, here are some of the key reasons why organizations haven’t address IT SECURITY.

  • They didn’t even know it was required.
  • They know it is an issue, but don’t understand how address it.
  • Implementing appropriate security has a cost to the company or adds organizational overhead.

To get you thinking about IT SECURITY, here are some key questions you can ask yourself.

  • Do we discuss IT SECURITY within our organization?
  • What IT SECURITY is in place at my organization?
  • If hackers can break into Home Depot, Target, and the Canada Revenue Agency, what is stopping them from hack my organization?
  • What is the risk to my organization if my systems are compromised?
  • Do I have information on my systems that bad guys might find valuable?
  • If my systems were compromised what would that mean to my organization and my customers or clients.

There is nothing to you can do to eliminate “all”  risk with IT systems, however, there are certainly key areas  to be address so you aren’t an easy target.

Just like the events that lead to airline crashes, it’s usually not one thing that causes a significant problem, but a lot of little things that can add up to a significant problem.

Best practices in IT SECURITY requires several layers of defence be in place. So unless you have addressed these issues, it’s probably time to give your IT SECURITY some additional consideration.

It’s little use closing the barn door once the horse has gone, so make IT SECURITY a discussion topic in your organization today.


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Rob McPheeIT Security Needs To Be Part of Your Organizational Culture